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BOSTON, Ma.- June 15, 2013

Ruckus – the Nation’s Premiere Obstacle Race Series,  partners with Burst to provide a free mobile video/photo sharing service so racers and spectators can automatically upload and share  all their most memorable racing experiences directly to the Ruckus website from their smartphones.

Now every team, racer and spectator can memorialize slogging thru the mud pits, mastering the nosebleed nets, and careening down the Mt. Ruckmore  victory slide directly on the Ruckus site. Videos/Photos are available for everyone to view,  post to FB friends, or tweet out followers.

Participants enjoy the the simplicity of using their smartphones to post their racing memories, and the Ruckus collects and shares instant event-based libraries of  amazing videos, photos and testimonials. Everyone’s a winner!

Check the race footage out using this link,  then sign up to participate in this fun, rewarding, family friendly race in a city near you!

boston       Pitts

Is your business looking for a fast, easy mobile video solution that can capture, share and monetize your event- based footage?  Burst has a complete video engagement platform that can be up and running in less than a day. Learn more. 


Holiday Cheer with Burst

Looking for  last minute (free) ways to spread holiday cheer this season?  

Burst can help you spread some love and no mall shopping, maids-a –milking or gift cards are required.

Grab your phone, make sure you have the Burst App downloaded, and prepare to impress your friends & family with your technical prowess, some good old –fashioned fun, and lots of holiday feel good.

#1:  Create A Burst Bubble to connect with all  your loved ones during the holiday season. Hanukkah  Christmas, Kwanzaa, Solstice… Whatever & wherever you celebrate– use Burst to capture the sights AND sounds of your holiday traditions .Create a holiday bubble and invite those who can’t be with you (students abroad, military service etc.), to capture and share their holiday experience as well. Then enjoy a “shared holiday” via the magic of  your Burst bubble.   For added  holiday cheer– be sure and include eggnog, or  hot mulled wine and lots of holiday treats while “bubble viewing & commenting.” Click here to learn how to create a Burst Bubble.

#2:  If a visit to Santa is on your holiday activity list this year, while waiting for  the traditional Santa photo shot—use your Smartphone and Burst to capture a video of your child’s meet & greet with Santa. Whether tears, grins or amazing Christmas wishes ensue—you’ll have it all captured and can share with family & friends. Grandparents will love it. You can keep it forever—and even view it later when that child becomes a not- so -Santa -friendly teenager.

#3:  Capture videos/photos of your favorite holiday light displays and send it to someone you love.  From gaudy & garish to tasteful & elegant; ‘tis the season for lights and lots of examples to capture and share with Burst.

#4:  Holiday Concert, Programs, Pageants, & Caroling…. lots going on during this holiday season. Capture, and share the sights and sounds with others who couldn’t make the event or someone who may not have a busy holiday season but wishes they did.

#5:  Last Minute gift ideas… you know you’ll find them while out shopping for others. Capture and send them to the people who are desperately searching to find you the perfect gift.  Everyone wins!

#6: Create a Holiday Party Bubble to capture the good, bad and even the ugly Christmas sweaters at all the Holiday parties you are invited to. Warning: May not be appropriate for certain office parties- you know which ones…

#7: The perfect bottle of wine, a great decorating idea someones yard, the perfect holiday dessert…. Capture & save them with Burst. Memories may fade… but Burst videos/photos will be saved forever.

#8: Capture the first snowfall, snowman, snowball fight or snow fort and send it to relatives/friends in a warm climate.  Conversely— if you are travelling to or live in a warm climate; capture and share the joy of swimming, basking in the sun, or fishing & hanging out on your boat. Share your holiday environment with family & friends …the grass is always greener.

#9: Capture & document your holiday decorations, so you can remember what you did when it comes time to decorate next year.   You’ve made it special- capture it forever. How did I arrange those nutcrackers anyway?

#10: Capture the end of 2012— your thoughts and feelings as the year comes to a close. What was awesome, what wasn’t, and what are your hopes for the New Year. Save pen & paper and capture via video—that way when you look for it next December 31st, it will be easy to find. Burst videos/photos are stored safely on the Burst cloud and accessible by any internet enabled device.

by: Co-Founder Tracy Deforge

I know that for a lot of parents out there that BACK TO SCHOOL means joy, and relief.  I am just not one of them.  As a working, entrepreneurial mom I already get so little time with my little ones.  The uncomplicated, simply magical days of summer are fleeting for me.  Too quickly along comes fall with its mixed bag of packing lunches, sports schedules, the morning rush and the dreaded homework!

Yes, there are some endless days of bickering, finger pointing and general household disruption when the short ones are not separated via classrooms everyday, but still, I favor the long summer nights filled with ice cream and star gazing.

I am pretty sure that back to school is as full of trepidation for me as my kids, if not more.  Who will their teacher be?  Will their friends be in their class?  Will they keep up?  What the heck will I pack for lunch?  How can I get them dressed, fed and out the door in time to make the train (and be lucky if I have all my parts on)?

I am rewarded though, with my daughter skipping the entire way to kindergarten and my son’s enormous hugs before he happily jumps up the stairs.  So, I put my brave face on and blow kisses of confidence, alas, another year begins.


My two little ones as they head off for the first day of school this year