Burst is now being used to capture and publish mobile video directly from smartphones to digital media sites. The Burst solution is a great way to capture and publish breaking news instantly from events – business, sports, travel, and more. For example, the Hartford Courant used Burst to capture and post mobile video from the CT State Basketball championships and the Big East Women’s Tournament this season.

Please check out some of the examples below and see how the Burst Video Platform can work for your business or organization in less than a day.


We recently signed a deal with the American City Business Journals (ACBJ) to provide a real time mobile video platform and tools for their 600+ journalist/reporters. Each of the 600 journalists will be using the Burst Mobile App to capture video of breaking news in the business and technology sectors. The journalists will be using the videos to enhance their stories and the media will be served to the digital site. The reporters will in effect become multi-media journalists that provide new engagement with customers through mobile video content.

Burst has developed a platform for businesses to easily create video content from smartphones and then monetize through consumer engagement.  The Burst platform also includes a user friendly CMS, monetization tools (pre, mid, and post-roll and other advertising enabled elements) and other turnkey tools for publishers/brands to participate in the growth of digital video advertising dollars.

The Business Journals are a division of ACBJ and the premier media solutions platform for companies strategically targeting business decision makers. We deliver a total business audience of over 10 million people via our 42 websites, 64 publications and over 700 annual industry leading events. Our media products provide comprehensive coverage of business news from a local, regional and national perspective. We have more people, publications and websites covering our nation’s business than any other business media organization.

About American City Business Journals

American City metropolitan business newspapers reach 4 million readers each week with exclusive, in-depth coverage of their business communities. The loyalty of these readers testifies to American City’s commitment to top-quality journalism, unsurpassed service for advertisers and readers, and active business community involvement.

In addition to its business newspapers, American City operates Sporting News, Street & Smith’s Sports Group, which publishes motorsports periodicals, SportsBusiness Journal, Sports Business Daily, and five sports annuals.

Burst launches the new video widget solution to provide businesses with a quick and simple way to get mobile video to a branded site. This new service was the direct result of existing users asking us how they could use our technology to help them build engagement with consumers on their own sites. As a business, your employees, reporters, bloggers, or customers can use Burst to easily capture video on Smartphones (or upload from their computers) and have it automatically play in the widget player on your branded website within seconds.
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One of America’s favorite pastimes is attending exciting sporting events. No matter the season, the level of play or even the sport itself, we’re hooked on the game’s action and the contagious exhilaration from our fellow fans cheering the players on. That certain feeling we get when we’re at these events keeps us coming back even when our favorite team is down. And, if you’re anything like us, it’s exactly why we want to remember every second of the experience!

Picture yourself at a sporting event of your choice (mine just happens to always be my kids’!). Now picture yourself in the stands snapping photos and videos, trying your best to capture every ounce of action in front of you. Sort of impossible, right?

Try as you will, it’s just too hard to be in five places at once—and sometimes that’s what it takes to make sure you don’t miss an important pass or the game-winning goal. That’s why we’re really excited about Bubbles—the newest way to Burst! Bubbles let’s you not only share memories with family and friends, but also collaborate and piece together the emotions, sounds and action of a particular event from multiple perspectives.

Think about it—we regularly attend group events such as birthday parties, school performances and weddings full of people each capturing different high-quality videos and photos directly on their mobile phones. Amidst the chaos that usually accompanies these types of events, we often miss the opportunity to capture all the moments on camera as they are usually unplanned and unrehearsed. With Bubbles, we can make sure we have access to that special shot, even if we weren’t the ones to take it.

Here’s how it works: friends and family are invited into a group via the mobile application or online through the Burst.com website. Group members then add moments (either photos or videos) from a certain event.  After a set amount of time, the Bubble “bursts” – delivering memories in a timeline and saved in the cloud. Oh how easy!

As a parent, I don’t think I’ll ever stop looking for a way to be in five places at once, but I’m glad I can at least pretend.

Want to learn more about how Bubbles works? Check out the press release announcing the news or view the ” how to create a bubble” video.

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Holiday Cheer with Burst

Looking for  last minute (free) ways to spread holiday cheer this season?  

Burst can help you spread some love and no mall shopping, maids-a –milking or gift cards are required.

Grab your phone, make sure you have the Burst App downloaded, and prepare to impress your friends & family with your technical prowess, some good old –fashioned fun, and lots of holiday feel good.

#1:  Create A Burst Bubble to connect with all  your loved ones during the holiday season. Hanukkah  Christmas, Kwanzaa, Solstice… Whatever & wherever you celebrate– use Burst to capture the sights AND sounds of your holiday traditions .Create a holiday bubble and invite those who can’t be with you (students abroad, military service etc.), to capture and share their holiday experience as well. Then enjoy a “shared holiday” via the magic of  your Burst bubble.   For added  holiday cheer– be sure and include eggnog, or  hot mulled wine and lots of holiday treats while “bubble viewing & commenting.” Click here to learn how to create a Burst Bubble.

#2:  If a visit to Santa is on your holiday activity list this year, while waiting for  the traditional Santa photo shot—use your Smartphone and Burst to capture a video of your child’s meet & greet with Santa. Whether tears, grins or amazing Christmas wishes ensue—you’ll have it all captured and can share with family & friends. Grandparents will love it. You can keep it forever—and even view it later when that child becomes a not- so -Santa -friendly teenager.

#3:  Capture videos/photos of your favorite holiday light displays and send it to someone you love.  From gaudy & garish to tasteful & elegant; ‘tis the season for lights and lots of examples to capture and share with Burst.

#4:  Holiday Concert, Programs, Pageants, & Caroling…. lots going on during this holiday season. Capture, and share the sights and sounds with others who couldn’t make the event or someone who may not have a busy holiday season but wishes they did.

#5:  Last Minute gift ideas… you know you’ll find them while out shopping for others. Capture and send them to the people who are desperately searching to find you the perfect gift.  Everyone wins!

#6: Create a Holiday Party Bubble to capture the good, bad and even the ugly Christmas sweaters at all the Holiday parties you are invited to. Warning: May not be appropriate for certain office parties- you know which ones…

#7: The perfect bottle of wine, a great decorating idea someones yard, the perfect holiday dessert…. Capture & save them with Burst. Memories may fade… but Burst videos/photos will be saved forever.

#8: Capture the first snowfall, snowman, snowball fight or snow fort and send it to relatives/friends in a warm climate.  Conversely— if you are travelling to or live in a warm climate; capture and share the joy of swimming, basking in the sun, or fishing & hanging out on your boat. Share your holiday environment with family & friends …the grass is always greener.

#9: Capture & document your holiday decorations, so you can remember what you did when it comes time to decorate next year.   You’ve made it special- capture it forever. How did I arrange those nutcrackers anyway?

#10: Capture the end of 2012— your thoughts and feelings as the year comes to a close. What was awesome, what wasn’t, and what are your hopes for the New Year. Save pen & paper and capture via video—that way when you look for it next December 31st, it will be easy to find. Burst videos/photos are stored safely on the Burst cloud and accessible by any internet enabled device.

Back in June, our company Burst, a mobile solution for families, issued a survey to find out how smartphone users felt about public sharing.  We found that more than half (52 percent) of mobile users are concerned with sharing personal information over public or open sites and nearly three quarters (73 percent) of those respondents said these concerns stop them from sharing photos or videos with friends and family. Of the specific concerns, nearly half (49 percent) of respondents cited that being able to control who sees content and when was the main reason they didn’t share content. Other concerns include discomfort at sharing private moments with a public audience and the time it takes to upload and share.

The idea for Burst came as a solution to this problem.  Our goal was to find a way to allow parents, families and friends to share special moments selectively with those that actually matter.  Realizing smartphones are progressively becoming the norm for picture and video sharing (especially for parents), we knew a mobile app was the way to do it.

Digital sharing is something we are becoming accustomed to in today’s technological world, but not everyone wants to post their child’s first day of school on Facebook for all to see.  We hope our app provides an outlet for parents, teachers and families looking for a way to share the special moments that mean so much to them with those who appreciate it most

Tracy Deforge is one of the founders of Burst, a mobile solution for families.  She is a graduate of Seton Hall Law School, the founder and President of the national organization Women in Sports and Events (WISE) Boston Chapter and has completed six NYC marathons.  She is also the mother of two beautiful children.

September 18, 2012 09:00 ET

From Apple Picking to Trick-or-Treating, Don’t Miss the Top Video and Photo Ops for Families as the Leaves Begin to Change

BOSTON, MA–(Marketwire – Sep 18, 2012) – With crisp mornings and school bells upon us, Burst, a mobile video solution for families, today unveiled a list of the top fall moments to capture with your smartphone this season to ensure your family memories last a lifetime.

Parents today are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to keep in touch with loved ones and with several new high-tech smartphones hitting the market this month, taking pictures and videos from mobile devices will be easier than ever before. Through Burst, a mobile solution that allows for secure sharing and organizing of photos and videos, users can easily, with a few taps, share their special family moments with those that matter most and safeguard their memories so they will last a lifetime.

Burst’s Best Moments to Capture This Fall:

1. Leaf pile play: After you spend the morning raking the yard of all the yellow, red and orange leaves, your little ones are bound to want to play. Bring out your smartphone and snap a video of the leafy fall fun

2. Apple picking:  One of the best fall family activities is a day at the orchard. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery and capture some action shots of the picking (and eating!) to have for years to come

3. Halloween:  Never forget the great costumes and rounds of trick-or-treating that come with this October evening. Take a short video to capture your little princess or superhero as they take on the night and share them with grandparents and friends who cannot be there

4. Pumpkin carving:  Document a delightful afternoon of carving family pumpkins and be sure to capture the jack-o-lanterns as they light up the night

5. Youth sports games: Take a quick video or photo of the action on the ice, the soccer field or the gridiron to capture your very own highlight reel and send it to loved ones

“Fall is a wonderful time of year and there are so many great family memories that come out of the season,” states Bryant McBride, CEO of Burst. “At Burst we are committed to helping families connect by easily sharing those special moments like jumping in a leaf pile or getting ready for trick-or-treating. With the power of smartphones today, it’s easier than ever for parents to quickly shoot a video with Burst and securely share them with those who can’t be there for the action.”

Burst is the simple and private way for family and friends to capture and share life’s moments. Burst provides a safe and organized place to access videos and photos from any Internet-enabled device. It is easy, mobile and free.

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About Burst
Burst, a mobile solution for families, is providing the next generation of video and photo services for today’s mobile and social users. Burst is based in Boston and is backed by an influential and successful group of high-net worth angels that have worked with Burst executives for more than 10 years. To learn more visit www.burst.it.