With enhancements and new features being introduced, we thought we’d take a minute to update you on the Burst for Business full mobile video solution.  It’s easy to get started and get your reporters and users to upload media directly into your branded widget over the mobile web

Here’s what we are proud of (and we think you’ll love):

  • You can customize and brand our widgets to be seamlessly integrated into your web destinations.
  • Make money on your video content through out ad Integration (VAST 2.0 systems)
  • Our mobile-friendly responsive widget ensures the best experience no matter what screen your users are on.
  • Moderation/management of media:  You can pin media in preferred order, allow users to flag inappropriate content and require approval prior to publishing.
  • Smart Curation:  Burst does all the hard stuff to make your job easier.  With auto Montages of your media, Smart Stacks and one-touch effects right on the phone, it has never been easier to monitor your media
  • Smart Publishing:  Low touch content distribution through Keyword Bubbles, Autotagging & Autosuggesting saves time! We have industry-leading Twitter Player Card integration which allows multiple videos to play in-line on the social network.  All ad integration is honored there as well.  Game-Changer!
  • Bulk upload into a bubble over the web with multiple digital camera formats supported
  • Full Mobile Web Experience which includes camera capture and import from camera roll


UGC: User Generated Content.  Burst is the simplest tool to harness the power of UGC.
Bubbles:  Media containers for collaboration and sharing
Keyword Bubbles:  Auto-distribution of content based on recommended tag
Autotagging and Suggested tagging:  Automatically tag content based on its origin or use your preferred taxonomy through our suggested tags.
Smart Stacks:  Media is compiled and clustered by pre-determined set of criteria (color, edge detection, metadata etc) automatically curating and making it simpler to navigate
Montages:  A highlight reel is automatically created from all the media in a bubble (a minimum of 5 pieces of media required)
Effects:  Add slow-motion, spotlight and zoom with just one touch.  Add them all at once or separately – your choice.