One of America’s favorite pastimes is attending exciting sporting events. No matter the season, the level of play or even the sport itself, we’re hooked on the game’s action and the contagious exhilaration from our fellow fans cheering the players on. That certain feeling we get when we’re at these events keeps us coming back even when our favorite team is down. And, if you’re anything like us, it’s exactly why we want to remember every second of the experience!

Picture yourself at a sporting event of your choice (mine just happens to always be my kids’!). Now picture yourself in the stands snapping photos and videos, trying your best to capture every ounce of action in front of you. Sort of impossible, right?

Try as you will, it’s just too hard to be in five places at once—and sometimes that’s what it takes to make sure you don’t miss an important pass or the game-winning goal. That’s why we’re really excited about Bubbles—the newest way to Burst! Bubbles let’s you not only share memories with family and friends, but also collaborate and piece together the emotions, sounds and action of a particular event from multiple perspectives.

Think about it—we regularly attend group events such as birthday parties, school performances and weddings full of people each capturing different high-quality videos and photos directly on their mobile phones. Amidst the chaos that usually accompanies these types of events, we often miss the opportunity to capture all the moments on camera as they are usually unplanned and unrehearsed. With Bubbles, we can make sure we have access to that special shot, even if we weren’t the ones to take it.

Here’s how it works: friends and family are invited into a group via the mobile application or online through the website. Group members then add moments (either photos or videos) from a certain event.  After a set amount of time, the Bubble “bursts” – delivering memories in a timeline and saved in the cloud. Oh how easy!

As a parent, I don’t think I’ll ever stop looking for a way to be in five places at once, but I’m glad I can at least pretend.

Want to learn more about how Bubbles works? Check out the press release announcing the news or view the ” how to create a bubble” video.

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