Back in June, our company Burst, a mobile solution for families, issued a survey to find out how smartphone users felt about public sharing.  We found that more than half (52 percent) of mobile users are concerned with sharing personal information over public or open sites and nearly three quarters (73 percent) of those respondents said these concerns stop them from sharing photos or videos with friends and family. Of the specific concerns, nearly half (49 percent) of respondents cited that being able to control who sees content and when was the main reason they didn’t share content. Other concerns include discomfort at sharing private moments with a public audience and the time it takes to upload and share.

The idea for Burst came as a solution to this problem.  Our goal was to find a way to allow parents, families and friends to share special moments selectively with those that actually matter.  Realizing smartphones are progressively becoming the norm for picture and video sharing (especially for parents), we knew a mobile app was the way to do it.

Digital sharing is something we are becoming accustomed to in today’s technological world, but not everyone wants to post their child’s first day of school on Facebook for all to see.  We hope our app provides an outlet for parents, teachers and families looking for a way to share the special moments that mean so much to them with those who appreciate it most

Tracy Deforge is one of the founders of Burst, a mobile solution for families.  She is a graduate of Seton Hall Law School, the founder and President of the national organization Women in Sports and Events (WISE) Boston Chapter and has completed six NYC marathons.  She is also the mother of two beautiful children.