I had a chance to talk with Keeth Smart, a three-time Olympian about his former teammate (and Brandeis grad) Tim Morehouse.  Tim is one of our 2012 U.S. Olympians who is “bursting” behind the scenes in London.  Keeth is now retired, working in NYC in the banking industry, and has a new daughter with whom he will be watching Tim compete for gold in the team sabre event tomorrow (Friday, 8/3).  Some comments of note from Keeth:

– He has known Tim since they were both 11 years old.  They share the same birthday/same year  (Talk about a coincidence!).

– Tim has always been the “rock” in the US Fencing team…so optimistic, never stops fighting…he has worked so hard to reach this point.

– US Fencing team is ready to make “the leap” this year: in 2008, they won the 2nd most medals in Fencing after Italy and the third most medals for the US team overall behind only US Track & Field and US Swimming.

– “Fencing in the Schools,” Tim’s nonprofit organization, combines Tim’s two great passions: fencing and education.  Tim previously worked his way into a very tough-to-get leadership position at “Tech for America” — a very competitive program.

– He’s got the “skill and the will” to succeed in any field he chooses once his fencing career is over.

– To be an Olympian, you have to be laser focused on your goal – no one is more focused than Morehouse.

– There are roughly 300,000,000 Americans and only 600 people total get to represent the US at the Olympics. You need to sacrifice everything to achieve this goal.

– Four years ago, it would have been unheard of to get a national television deal for a fencing tournament with sponsors.  Tim accomplished that with the Fencing Masters while also preparing for the Olympic games – he is the ultimate juggler.

– What is he feeling on the verge of the Games? Excitement, of course, but he’s a veteran who knows that he needs to sustain his energy during the Opening Ceremonies which can be draining if you are not careful.  He will be spending time analyzing his opponents, watching video of them…always preparing.

Thanks to Keeth Smart for giving us some insight into Tim and the Olympic experience.